DuroMax 10000EH Watt Hybrid Dual Fuel Portable Gas Propane Generator

Duromax xp10000eh has a dual fuel system that functions on standard gasoline or liquid propane due to which your generator’s run time can be more than doubled. With the xp10000eh, your generator’s carburettor is not gum up by operating on propane and you can star your generator quickly.

Switching over from regular gas to propane takes only a few seconds and due to the flexible line, it is easy to hook up any size propane tank including the one from your barbeque.

When the ambient temperature is under 40 degrees propane by nature contracts and the pressure within the cylinder is not powerful enough to push enough gas into the carburetor to start the engine. The solution to this is to start the engine on gasoline for a few minutes and then switch over to propane.