Dual Fuel Hybrid Portable DuroMax Generators

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Portable Duromax Generators.DuroMax Generators, a Brand Name Synonymous to:

  • Flexibility
  • Dependability
  • Safety and
  • Affordability

With more than 20 different models, 2 distinctive designs for single, triple and four cylinder engines, these generators stand out from others in the same category.

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Manufactured by DuroPower, a California based engine and power tool making company, with the end users in mind, these power engines are able to accept high wattage loads with ease. They can function as standby for home power generation, use at work places or for outdoor activities.. Unlike most brands, DuroPower actually build their own engines, thus, ensuring quality.

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Why Hybrid Dual Fuel Portable Generators Are So Unique

  • Each brand of DuroMax generator is built with cast iron sleeves.
  • Every product matches ETL & MTL standards.
  • The product has a flexible warranty plan which can be extended beyond their normal one or two year period.
  • Parts and components of the products can be shipped directly to you anywhere in the world.

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Duromax Portable Gas Generators Added Features

To ensure safety, DuroMax generator are equipped with AC & DC regulator, a Spark Arrestor and low oil protection. They are also designed to includes both a standard recoil start as well as the electric start for ease of use.

These standby generators comes with full power panel with advance oil warning light, voltmeter, circuit breaker and power outlets. The heavy-duty frame is equipped with four point fully isolated motor mounts and a quiet muffler to ensure smooth and noiseless operation. Transporting this generator is no hassle due to its wheel and front handle.

When compared to other well-known brands, DuroMax power generators are well built, work well, produces less pollution, less noise and are less expensive.

Why Buy A DuroMax Generator?

When considering to buy a generator to power your appliances for work, home or entertainment, some factors have been identified that should guide your buying decision and these are:

  • Total Load Capacity For Maximum Performance
  • Mobility
  • Noise Level
  • Safety
  • Price

Here are some unique features of DuroMax generators that puts it ahead of some its competitors.

Electrical Overload Breaker

Knowing the total amount of wattage required is usually a good step towards buying a generator that will serve your needs, but sometimes, we tend to go above the limits and overload.

DuroMax generators have an automatic built in electric overload breaker. This help to protect your properties and investment from damages which can be caused by overloading.

Wheel Kit and Folding Grip Handles For Easy Transportation

Every now and then there will be need to move your generator, the 8 inch knobby all terrain, pneumatic solid filled wheel and the folding grip handles make transportation and easy and stress free affairs without unnecessary strain to your hands, wrists, arms and back.

Key Start and Lock

Aside from having a pull start coil, the DuroMax brand of generators are designed to make the starting of the engine very easy with just a turn of the key. This feature makes it easy for anyone strong enough to turn a key in a door lock  to start the generator.

To create a balance, there is also the keyed lock feature that help to prevent un-authorized use of the generator.

generator Key Start and Lock

Super Quiet Muffler and Sound Reducing Design

Duromax generators are designed to reduce sound. They are fitted with super quiet mufflers causing the noise emitted to be just a little louder than a normal conversation. With this, you do not have to worry about the authorises or of being at constant war with your neighbours.

Spark Arresting Muffler

With DuroMax generators, you do not have to worry about starting a fire in places where there is danger of fire, like the forest. These generators are fitted with agreed Spark Arresting Muffler that meet the US Forest Service and various state’s requirements for use in fire danger places.

This is a very important feature considering that there is potential for fire caused by a spark in just about any place.

Low Oil Warning System

Another outstanding feature of the DuroMax brands, is the built in Low Oil Warning System that help to prevent damage to your generator. When the oil level falls below the set level (which does happen sometimes), the engine automatically stop working until the oil is filled back to the required level.

This will save you from costly  unexpected repairs and reduce or remove undue engine wear which will in turn help to increase your generator's  life.

OHV Engine and Cast Iron Cylinder Liner and Steel Bearings

The use of a cast iron cylinder sleeves and steel bearings in the design, provides outstanding dependability and prevention of unexpected repairs.


DuroMax generators have a standard warranty is for one year.
This gives you an assurance of a whole year's service in the unlikely  event that something does go wrong with your generator.

Volt Meter

The readable voltmeter at the control panel make it possible to easily find out when the electrical load on your DuroMax generator is close to its maximum.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

DuroMax generators are equipped with automatic voltage regulators to maintain the desired output voltage of 120/240 volts.