DuroMax XP8500E


The XP8500E is set apart from other heavy duty engines by its low noise level even at full capacity. This is mainly due to the inbuilt isolated 4- point frame mounts that helps keep the engine vibration at a minimum.
Before purchasing a generator, it is good practice to calculate the total watts of  loads that the generator is expected to carry. This 16.0 HP air cooled powerful motor provides 8500 surge or starting watts and 7000 running watts (the amount of power it can support) and can therefore conveniently support a great deal of appliances and tools.
 The engine can be started with ease using the electric key feature which allows you to start the engine with a turnkey process similar to starting a motorcycle or a car.
At times when the battery is low, you can start the engine the old way by pulling a recoil start. Again, this does not have to take much effort as it require just enough tug to get it started.


Designed with a variety of power outlets; four 20-amp 120-volt outlets, one 30-amp 120/240-volt twist-lock outlet and a 10-amp 12-volt outlet, Duromax XP8500E will take on just about any type of load put on it; ranging from heavy energy tools to small electronic devices and batteries.  

Has a Safety Device

Every outlet of the generator is protected by a different circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is a safety device that helps to prevent the device drawing electricity from starting a fire during overload. It does this by tripping off  when a power surge occur in an electric wiring.

Breakers come in different sizes and for the power and lighting needed in a normal home, the 10-amp, 15-amp and 20-amp circuit breaker will suffice.

The outlets on this generator can be run simultaneously, without causing the worry of overload.

Another safety feature of the XP8500E is the low oil shutdown which protects your engine and appliances by automatically shutting off the engine when the oil level gets low. The voltmeter at the side of the panel makes it easy to monitor change in voltage.

Long Hours of Continuous Use

The XP8500E is equipped with a 7 gallon gas tank. This allow the generator to provide continuous power without causing you worry of refill for up to 8 hours and for longer if operated at 50% output.
If the Idle Control Switch is activated, the operation time can be extended significantly if you have low or zero draw periods. This is achieved via the Auto Throttle which automatically lowers the RPMs to idle during a zero load period and fires the generator back up when power is required, helping to conserve fuel for a longer use.


The Duromax XP8500E portable generator is designed with a flip-up handle that makes mobility and storage easy. It has a wheel kit that consist of 10.5-inch all- terrain tires that can move  easily on any surface (smooth or rough) and because they do not need air, you are not worried about the tires going flat.


Duromax XP8500E is EPA approved meaning that it is clean enough with an accepted noise level that will not cause you any problem with the law or bring an angry neighbour to your doorstep.

This model of the generator is not CARB compliant and can therefore not be used in places like California. The XP8500E-CA will be the model to look for.