Generator Accessories

Whatever type of portable or commercial generator you decide to choose, you will need to also spend on generator accessories such as extra power cords and transfer boxes.

Ignition Key and  Oil Shut Valve

Duromax Generator Ignition Key

Low Oil Shut Valve

Power Cords and Tranfer Boxes

Reliance Controls PB30 L14-30 30 Amp Generator Power Cord Inlet Box For Up To 7,500 Watt Generators

List Price: $49.99
Price: $49.97
You Save: $0.02

Reliance Controls PC3040 40-Feet 30-Amp L14-30 Generator Power Cord for Up to 7500-Watt Generators

Price: $99.99


  • Reliance Controls 31410CRK Pro/Tran 10-Circuit 30 Amp Generator Transfer Switch Kit With Transfer Switch, 10-Foot Power Cord, And Power Inlet Box For Up To 7,500-Watt Generators

                                             List Price: $500.00
    Price: $369.39 & FREE Shipping.
    You Save: $130.61 (26%)

Transfer Switch

Universal Wheel Kit

With the Lifan universal wheel kit, you are able to add wheels to your generator that is without one. You can easily  attach it to any gas or electric generator with the help of just a few tools.

This will make movement of the unit from one place to another easy without causing unnecessary strain to your arm and back.

Lifan LFWKT Universal Wheel Kit for Small Frame Units

List Price: $99.00
Price:   $79.00
You Save:  $20.00 (20%)


Wheel kit

Generator Engine

7hp Generator Engine
Generator Cover

Generator covers helps to protect your unit from the harsh weather conditions and oil heater to keep the generator’s oil flowing smoothly through the system.


#1 Best Seller on Amazon 
Backyard Basics Generator Cover

List Price: $15.99
Price:  $14.32 + $6.57 shipping
You Save:     $1.67 (10%)

Classic Accessories Generator Cover

List Price: $24.99
Price: $19.98 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35.  You Save:     $5.01 (20%


Conversion Kit

  • Propane LPG Aspirated System Conversion kits, Suitable to EFI as well as Carburetor Petrol Engines


    Circuit Breaker

    Spark Arresting Muffler