Portable generators: Providing You Power Where Need It

Portable generators come handy when you need to power your equipments during  blackouts on your work site or at home.  These generators comes in varying sizes, from hand-held ones to larger models, you can find gas-powered portable generators that is suitable for you home and work needs.

Hyundai HHD7250 7250-Watt 4-Stroke Portable Heavy Duty Generator With Electric Start
Contrary to general thinking, there are heavy-duty, yet portable generators that  supply upwards of 10,000 watts of power and you can choose between different fuel types: natural gas, propane, diesel and hybrid.

Smaller portable ones of 3,000-watt can be used in the yard to power your electric lawnmowers and other power tools. From handheld generators to larger portable models, you can always find one that meets your power needs.

If you need power more than 10,000 watts, then you will have to consider commercial generators. These are similar to portable generators but on a larger scale. Some of these  generators are fitted with wheel for easy transportation and a durable steel frame which also makes it easy to lift the unit onto a trailer or a truck.

Portable Propane Generator

Of all the different types of fuel used to power generators, Propane is still considered as the safest to use. It has little negative affect on the environment  as it emits negligible amount of carbon dioxide.

Propane are safely stored in cylinders. Refilling and changing the cylinder is very easy. Unlike gasoline-fuelled generators, storing of propane is not an issue as it has a longer, safer shelf life.

Here are some of the best protable propane generators based on customer’s preference.

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Portable Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are safe, durable and efficient. They are the kind of diesel portable generators that requires less maintaining.

One major advantage of a diesel generators is their fuel consumption efficiency. These generators consume not as much fuel as compared to the ones that run on gas, with diesel generator, you can save up to 40% of fuel cost.

Portable diesel generator are very safe to operate at home or office space. Although, they do not overheat, one need to be careful of leakage. Inhaling diesel can have fatal to your health.

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